Elephant Rocks State Park

A Perfect Destination for the Whole Family

Elephant Rocks State Park is the perfect destination for a day full of fun and adventure for the whole family. Giant granite boulders scattered throughout the park make this a unique experience for hikers and spectators alike. The most notable feature of this area is the historical elephant rocks, a series of giant 1.5 billion-year-old boulders standing end to end like a parade of circus elephants.

Entering the Park

The entrance to the park is well marked and easy to find. The parking lot accommodates a large number of vehicles, and overflow parking is available when needed.

The Wonders of Elephant Rocks

Hiking and Trails

Elephant Rocks State Park has 1.4 miles of trails through the boulders or leading to scenic lookouts. There are also a number of accessible asphalt trails. Benches located along the path offer a chance to stop and take in this geological wonder.

There are 5 beverage machines in the park offering a variety of soda pop and bottled water. On weekends, a vendor is available that sells hot dogs and other great treats.

Enjoying the Park

Well-kept picnic tables and charcoal grills are available for use by visitors. Kids and adults can enjoy climbing the large boulders for dramatic views of the surrounding area; however, smaller children should be kept within reach. With a small playground available onsite, as well as 6 flushable bathrooms accessible throughout the park, Elephant Rocks State Park is a beautiful destination for lunch and playtime.

Braille Trail

Walk the Braille Trail for the best view of elephant rocks. This trail winds between the rocks and is marked by braille signage giving visually and physically disabled people the opportunity to enjoy these beautiful structures. Offering an intimate view of the area’s past quarrying and geologic history, the historical and educational potential of Elephant Rocks State Park is limitless.

Park Hours

Summer season – April – October: 8:00am – 8:00pm

Winter season – November – March: Limit the hours from 8:00am – 5:00pm

Camping is not available onsite. However, a small lake that few visitors know about is located to the right of the entrance into the park. Climb up onto the rocks for a better view.

Getting to the Park

An ideal destination for your growing family, you can find Elephant Rocks State Park just 6 miles outside of Ironton, Missouri. Turn on Russell Street toward South Knob Street for 0.2 miles. Take a left on MO-21 N. After 4.3 miles, follow MO-21 N to the left. Go 1.6 miles, and you will see the entrance for Elephant Rocks State Park on the right.

Planning for the Park

For more information, there is a park map, accessibility information, and even a teacher’s guide available for the park for first-time visitors to plan the most enjoyable and convenient day time adventure and maximize their time exploring and enjoying this unique geological wonder.

Adventure Awaits at Elephant Rocks

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